Video Platform Management and Fee Guidelines
Adopted by the 387th Administrative Meeting of the Republic of China on September 10, 2014
  • Article 1: The Computer and Information Network Center (hereinafter referred to as "the Center") of National Chung Hsing University (hereinafter referred to as "the University") aims to enhance the integration and utilization efficiency of audiovisual resources, reduce the construction and maintenance costs of various units, implement energy-saving and carbon-reducing policies, and achieve the goal of sustainable operation by establishing the University's audiovisual network. These guidelines are hereby established for this purpose.
  • Article 2: The audiovisual network shall include audiovisual network sub-stations (hereinafter referred to as "sub-stations"). Each first- and second-level unit of the University may apply for one sub-station, and each unit shall apply for and manage its own sub-station.
  • Article 4: The application for this leasing service shall be valid for one academic year, and it must be reapplied for upon expiration. If the service is not reapplied for upon expiration, the original applying unit must back up the relevant data and remove it from the sub-station within two months of the expiration. The Center shall not be held responsible for the storage of data beyond this period.
  • Article 5: Before the expiration of the sub-station's term, if the unit wishes to terminate the service, the fees already paid will not be refunded. In the event of a natural disaster or force majeure preventing the provision of service, the unit may provide reasons and apply to the Center for an extension of service duration, or the Center may proactively initiate the extension according to administrative procedures.
  • Article 6: Changes in sub-station administrators should be promptly notified to the Center for updating. If failure to notify results in the inability to send relevant information to the administrators, the applying unit shall be held responsible for any resulting consequences.
  • Article 7: The fee schedule for the video platform is as follows:
           I. Basic Specifications
Service Items Space Allocation charge
Exclusive independent video platform, problem-solving and troubleshooting, functionality and technical consultation services. 1st-tier unit 20G
2nd-tier unit 30G
            II. Additional Purchase and Expansion Options:
Service Items charge
Increase space by 10GB. NT$200 / per year.
Sub-site homepage layout and style design
(Only provide design for the first layer entry page of the homepage, such as logo, menu, style, icon, banner design, etc. Design is limited to three modifications, excluding second layer and subsequent activity banner designs.)
NT$3000 /  per version.
  • Article 8: These guidelines shall be implemented upon approval by the administrative meeting and shall also apply when amended.
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